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What our members are saying...

I went from exercising a few times a month to daily, and I've never felt better. There have been so many things out of my control during this time, but taking an hour a day to really tune into my breath and focus on my body and building its strength has made this entire experience not only bearable, but educational. I feel stronger and more grounded than ever, and I can't thank you all enough.

Elizabeth T

"The instructors are AMAZING. They actually know yoga and know it expertly! They describe the set up to the positions beautifully with so much knowledge and in unique ways that you retain. They talk you through the poses and alignments so gracefully and clearly. My body and I love the class variety, the teachers and how helpful and warm and loving everyone is. I've lost weight that wasn't required, gained amazing tone and strength!

Leanne C

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to Live Classes?

We currently only offer live classes at Hot Yoga Asheville in North Carolina. We also offer retreats in Costa Rica and around the world!

How do I access the library if I am a member of HYA?

Ultimate Members of HYA will get free access to our library (for a limited time) as long as you maintain your membership. If you have not received your instructions for access please email us at

If you would like to keep your access in the future we have made a reduced "add-on" rate for videos on demand. Email us if you did not receive access yet.

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